Tiffany & The Great Gatsby

As I was watching the movie The Great Gatsby last weekend I couldn’t help but write about the breathtaking headpiece that Carey Mulligan was wearing during the scene of the grand ball that Mr. Gatsby hosted in his mansion. It looked like a piece that came out of the 20’s with a modern twist; complete and utter perfection. With a piece of popcorn in one hand and a soda in another I completely blocked out everything that was going on around me; the kid that was crying, the man’s phone that wouldn’t stop ringing, the woman sitting next to me crunching on her nachos, all the noises that seemed to annoy me were blocked out. This stunning headpiece had my full attention. Diamonds, pearls, the delicate feather, the intricate detailing combined makes it a timeless and memorable piece. I couldnt help but think of our bride to be followers; I needed to inspire them to wear a show-stopper headpiece on their wedding day. When I reached home I immediately opened my laptop and researched about the beautiful headpiece. Apparently, Tiffany created exclusive jewelry for the movie that were inspired by drawings in their archives. Tiffany also created a complete collection inspired by the glamourous 20’s jazz era.Take a look at some of Tiffany’s stunning creations.







bunch of tiffany jewles


earrings tiffany great gatsby



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