Floral hair accessories

We can’t escape the latest and hottest hair trend: the floral headpiece. It instantly updates your look adding glamour and some fun. What we love about this look is that it is so versatile and can be worn by anyone and with any outfit. There are so many options to choose from: floral crown, hair band, loose braids or bun. The best thing about floral accessories is that they can be customized with any flower and any color. They can be as bold and extravagant as you want or simple and subtle. Get inspired with the looks below.

Get some fun ready-made floral hair accessories online from River Island and  RockNRose. Locally you can find unique floral headpieces from Ninas de Papa sold at Al-Othman boutique in Kuwait. Another option are gorgeous fresh floral crowns from au nom de la rose via 965flowers.com.

Bold and Beautiful Crowns

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Subtle and Sweet

flower hair bandSource

Bohemian Braids

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Floral Up-do

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From the Runway

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Meaningful flowers for your bouquet

Different types of flowers have different meanings. Think about the flowers you want in your bouquet. Why not choose flowers that have a symbolic meaning to complete your special day? Use Kate Middleton’s bouquet as an inspiration. Each flower in her bouquet was chosen specifically for its significant meaning. The lily-of-valley represented renewed happiness; sweet William meant gallantry (and happens to be the name of her prince); hyacinth represented the constancy of love. Her bouquet also included ivy and myrtle which represent fidelity and marriage. Take a look at the flowers below and their significant meanings.